Teacher as Change Agent for Consequential Learning: One Korean Teacher


  • Won Jung Kim Michigan State University




equity, change agency, consequential learning, autoethnography


Consequential learning is an equity-oriented framework in which students create learning pathways to pursue what matters to themselves and to the communities they care about. In this paper, I seek to identify the moments of consequential learning from a story in which my students and I danced together to express a set of scientific knowledge: how atoms change their configuration during photosynthesis while sustaining the total mass as consistent. Taking an autoethnographic approach, I examine how consequential learning was presented during the project and how I worked as a change agent to support it. Based on findings that show how students and I sought to transform science into a powerful tool to actualize what mattered to them while creating varied patterns of participation, I argue that, as change agents for consequential learning, teachers should take a stance on students as a rightful presence.

Author Biography

Won Jung Kim, Michigan State University

a doctoral graduate student in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education, at the College of Education, in Michigan State University.




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Kim, W. J. (2019). Teacher as Change Agent for Consequential Learning: One Korean Teacher. FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education, 5(2). https://doi.org/10.32865/fire201952156