The Evolution of Jordanian Inclusive Education Policy and Practice


  • Sarah K Benson University of Virginia



inclusion, comparative case study, Jordan, special needs education


Research on the internationalization of inclusive policies for students with special needs is still developing alongside the shifting implementation of practice. This analysis seeks to understand the process of adopting inclusive policies in Jordan and the subsequent implementation through a modified comparative case study framework. Current research demonstrates how global forces have led to the adoption of a national inclusive education policy that local programs redefine and negotiate in implementation. The paper uses emerging frameworks from Schuelka (2018b) and existing comparative case study methodology from Bartlett and Vavrus (2006; 2009; 2014; 2017) to structure an in-depth analysis of the macro, mesa and micro levels of inclusive policy adoption and implementation across time. Jordan is a developing nation and in a strategic geographic location, two factors which bring multiple international organizations into its borders. This has had a significant effect on the development of education policy. At the same time, local construction of disability and inclusion continue to marginalize students with disabilities, especially in rural communities. This paper will outline the current state of inclusive education at the international, national and local levels in Jordan based on a review of policy and academic literature.

Author Biography

Sarah K Benson, University of Virginia

Sarah Benson is a doctoral student at the University of Virginia studing comparative special education needs and inclusion. Her primary focus is on Jordanian policy and practice.




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Benson, S. K. (2020). The Evolution of Jordanian Inclusive Education Policy and Practice. FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education, 6(1).