Inclusion across Borders: Young Immigrants in France and England


  • Oakleigh Welply Durham University



Globalisation and migration have brought new challenges to education in the past decades, raising questions about how schools can promote inclusion within contexts of increased diversity (Vertovec and Wessendorf, 2009). The concept of inclusive education itself remains contested with different meanings across national contexts. This makes a comparative focus on inclusion particularly relevant to understanding different languages of inclusion and the ways in which these are articulated across national and institutional contexts.


Author Biography

Oakleigh Welply, Durham University

Oakleigh Welply is an Assistant Professor at the School of Education, Durham University. She received her PhD in Sociology of Education from the University of Cambridge. Her main areas of research and teaching include social theory; the relationship of education to issues of language, religion, globalisation and citizenship; national policies of integration and youth identities; immigration and education in France and England; the development of cross-national methodologies for research with diverse communities in European countries and global citizenship education.




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Welply, O. (2020). Inclusion across Borders: Young Immigrants in France and England. FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education, 6(1).