Beyond Access and Barriers: Inclusive Education and Systems Change


  • Matthew J. Schuelka University of Birmingham
  • Alisha M.B. Braun University of South Florida
  • Christopher J. Johnstone University of Minnesota



Inclusion, Education, Diversity


In this introduction to the special issue, we argue that inclusive education research should move beyond a traditional 'deficit' approach, rooted in special education. The articles contained in this special issue represent new ways of conceptualizing, researching, and exploring inclusivity in education. In sum, this special issue makes the case that inclusivity in education requires a complex systems approach of analysis and advocacy that recognizes multiple layers, actors, and sites. Specifically, any way of understanding inclusivity in education needs to foreground participants, practitioners, and end-users. We believe that new ways of researching and conceputalizing inclusivty in education also fits into current trends in international and comparative education.




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Schuelka, M. J., Braun, A. M., & Johnstone, C. J. (2020). Beyond Access and Barriers: Inclusive Education and Systems Change. FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education, 6(1).