A Scale Development Study: Game and Educational Material Use Scale (GaEMUS)


  • Mahmut Gülle mustafa kemal university
  • Yavuz Bolat Hatay Mustafa Kemal University




The game is an important tool that provides motivation for the individual at almost any age while entertaining it, as well as providing achievements to the individual and socially. The use of this tool as an educational tool or material can help increase the success of learning-teaching processes.  For this reason, the aim of this research was to develop a measurement tool that could be used to efficiently collect data or diagnose the preparation, planning, implementation, and evaluation processes of education and training processes. The sample size of this study, in which the validity and reliability of the scale were carried out, consists of 677 people who have different levels of learning. In this study, Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin, Barlett's Sphericity Test, Explanatory Factor Analysis, Cronbach's Alpha, substance total correlation, and Confirmatory Factor Analysis were performed to ensure the validity and reliability of the game and educational material use scale.  At the end of these statistical operations, GaEMUS consisted of 22 items. An Exploratory Factor Analysis was performed on this structural condition. It was determined that the scale provided a four-factor scale structure: The Cognitive Process Dimension, The Psychological Dimension, The Psychomotor Development Dimension, and The Social Dimension.







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