Effect of Transnational Standards on U.S. Teacher Education

  • Kevin G. Murry Kansas State University
  • Socorro G. Herrera Kansas State University
  • Stuart S. Miller Kansas State University
  • Cristina A. Fanning Kansas State University
  • Shabina K. Kavimandan Kansas State University
  • Melissa A. Holmes Kansas State University
Keywords: transnational standards, teacher education, professional development, English language learners, multilevel statistical modeling, contextualization, United States


The Standards for Effective Pedagogy and Learning (CREDE, 2014) specify five transnational universals of teaching that are especially effective for the rapidly growing population of English language learners in North America. CLASSIC is an evidence-based, CREDE-aligned model of teacher education for classroom educators of English language learners. CLASSIC has utilized with more than 10,000 teachers in 100 school districts, located in eight states, in collaboration with eight different universities. This study examined the impact of the transnational standards of CLASSIC curricula on teachers
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Murry, K. G., Herrera, S. G., Miller, S. S., Fanning, C. A., Kavimandan, S. K., & Holmes, M. A. (2018). Effect of Transnational Standards on U.S. Teacher Education. FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education, 1(3). https://doi.org/10.18275/fire201401031041