Day-By-Day: Higher Education in Afghanistan


  • David J. Roof Ball State University



Afghanistan, higher education, post-conflict education, gender equality, education policy


This paper examines higher education in Afghanistan. Based on qualitative research, including interviews with key policymakers and stakeholders, the paper examines the primary issues, challenges, progress, and future vision for higher education in the country. The research reveals that one of the most significant issues in the country in the post-Taliban era is female participation in higher education. It also shows the importance of alternative forms of higher education, such as two-year institutions, private education, and technical/vocational education. The paper also discusses the emergence of quality assurance mechanisms and international partnerships with other universities. Regarding the future direction and vision for higher education, the paper reveals two primary focuses: preparing students for the labor market, and the potential for education to influence democratic values and social cohesion in a divided country. The full text of the article can be found at 10.18275/fire201401031034



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Roof, D. J. (2018). Day-By-Day: Higher Education in Afghanistan. FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education, 1(3).